Contrary to the belief:"Truth is sprout in discussion" - we take the position that everyone has his or her own truth, but someone just proves it better.

Defending in court -sometimes the only way to restore the infringed rights and prove the truth. Our specialists have extensive experience in legal representation in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation at all levels, as well as in the courts of general jurisdiction, including in cases of increased complexity. Despite this, the services provided by our company in this area are narrow profile, as each category of cases requires maximum knowledge of particulars and experience, gained on the tactics and strategy of the judicial process.

STAUB PRINZIP LAW FIRMwill help you in development of a legally and economically feasible actions and decisions in each particular case, as the submission of the dispute to the court - are not always rational resolution of the situation. With extensive experience in pre-trial settlement of disputes or mediation, we can assist in negotiations with participation of qualified lawyers-mediators, ensuring consideration of the positions of the parties on key aspects of the dispute, which reduces the likelihood of conflict escalation and initiation of the trial, and in many cases enables to save the partnership relations.

The services of this practice include:

· Pre-trial dispute resolution (mediation);

Representing clients in arbitration courts on various categories of cases;

Representing clients in courts of general jurisdiction on labor disputes;

Enforcement of foreign judgments on economic disputes in the Russian Federation;

Execution of Russian arbitration courts judgments in foreign countries;

Representing clients in disputes in arbitral tribunals (including those outside the Russian Federation);

If there is an arbitration clause or other grounds for the specific case to be heard before the judicial authority, which is located in another country, we provide a representation of our client by our partners having necessary qualification status for legal representation in the relevant jurisdiction.