"Any woman can turn a man into a millionaire… If he was a billionaire... "

(Charlie Chaplin)

Family disputes in the practice of lawyer are one of the most common types of cases, including not only advice on various aspects of property and personal non-property relationships between family members, but also the legal representation of the various categories of cases.

We firmly believe that all conflicts can be prevented and solution of disputes - a matter of time, patience and professional approach, therefore we try to make all possible efforts for pre-trial reconciliation of all controversies.

Having a significant experience in domestic proceedings, specialists of STAUB PRINZIP LAW FIRM offer a wide range of services, including:

· Advising on various issues of family law in Russian and foreign legislation (including aspects of implementation of rules of conflict of laws);

Assisting in preparation of marriage contract and their legal expertise;

Legal support in transactions with movable and immovable property of spouses (including one located abroad);

Assistance in obtaining residence permits for family members; advising on immigration abroad; estate planning; corporate structuring of the family business, in particular, the registration of family foundations and trusts;

Advising on adoption;

Legal support of divorces (both in court and pre-trial mediation);

Recovery of alimony and drafting agreements for payment of alimony;

Division of property of spouses and resolution of disputes about children;

Family law attorney.

Services are provided in English and Russian language in accordance with Russian and foreign legislation and the rules of conflict of laws.