Our clients enjoy "asset protection" vehicle as a preventive measure, which significantly reduces the financial costs and ensure a moral serenity.

What we mean by “assets”?

In our professional understanding the "assets" - is your business, companies, interest and shares in other companies, investments in securities, bank accounts, investments, movable and immovable property, intellectual property, information, vulnerability of which requires additional protection, however, this may not always be obvious.

Why protect assets?

From our point of view, asset protection is more expedient than subsequent dealing with the consequences of unlawful attacks on them and their corporate capture. Especially important this issue is for the owners of medium and large businesses. As for the assets located abroad, they require a special protection approach.

Recent practice shows that transparent and, at the same time, protected structures of ownership and management of assets are much less vulnerable to infringement by third parties, rather than commonly accepted "gray" schemes.

For many entrepreneurs, protection of their personal wealth is a guarantee of stability and security of a whole business.

Main stages of asset protection:

· Legal due diligence of assets, detection of risks in ownership structure, management, protection issues, control points of business processes and other factors;


· Risk assessment;


· Restructuring of the structure for minimizing the existing risks;


· Introduction in the corporate structure of additional mechanisms of protection of personal assets and income of the beneficiary considering specific objects and elements of international tax planning;

· Banking consulting and planning aimed at implementation of possibilities for safeguarding and increasing the financial assets of the beneficiary;


· Data and intellectual property protection, including protection of trade name and trademark, domain names, and other.