Wesupport our clients in all phases of settlement of the transactions (both domestic and cross-border) in order to prevent or minimize all possible risks and maximize the benefits achieved with professional legal approach to negotiation and execution of the necessary documents.

Extremely importantpart of the process of formation of business agreements is to analyze the subject of the transaction. At this stage, a professional comprehensive approach is required to identify and assess all potential risks to the client (legal and tax due diligence), which is important from the point of view of the possibility of changing the purchase price depending on the findings.

The scopeof our serviceswithin the frameworks of transaction legal supportincludes: a preliminary discussionwith the clientand, if necessary, approval with thecontracting party ofcontractterms, preparation and development ofvarious typesof contractsand othertransaction documents, verificationof conformity of alltransaction documentsrequired to applicable legislation(the Russian Federationand / orforeign), collection andanalysis ofrelevant information onthe transaction,conducting a comprehensivelegaland tax due diligence,and legal adviceat all stages.

We provide the following services:

· Legal and tax due diligence of subject of the transaction;

Mergers and acquisitions;

Transaction support;

Legal support in real estate transactions (including elite);

Analysis of the value of subject of the transaction;

Escrow transactions;

Maintenance deals with intellectual property and other;

Legal support in transactions with intellectual property and other.

Lawyers ofStaub Prinzip Law Firmspecialize in different areas of law, and an exclusive partnership relations with leading foreign law firms and notaries allows the most comprehensive coverage of all details of the proposed transaction in order to generate optimal solutions applied to your situation.

Qualified legal support is a guarantee of your safety.