International tax consulting involves analysis and advice of proposed or existing business structures, involving both residents and non-residents, development of the most suitable system of interaction between them to find opportunities to tax optimization.

Our specialists will help you to improve the cash flows for tax purposes, strategically estimate presumable tax base and implied tax rate considering advantages of various jurisdictions, and assist in complex tax structuring of business for tax security.

Taking advantage from established contacts with leading experts in the field of international taxation, and being not bound by the exclusive collaboration, we are able to offer a wide range of tax planning services, including service proposition from leading foreign consulting firms, the best price / quality ratio, including:

· Advice on tax and other laws of foreign countries;

Advice on the application of double taxation treaties;

Tax consequences assessment of the impending deal, elaboration recommendations on the best terms to be applied;

Advice on current operations and changes in tax legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;

Personal information services, preparation of reviews on changes in tax legislation;

Representation and interest protection.

Together with you, we will develop a comprehensive approach to solving the targets in the field of international taxation, which will help you to structure your business most effectively, give efficient tax risk management features, maintain fiscal security, and create conditions for sustainable business growth and investment.